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Recorded live in the Summer of 2023, our third album Inertia dropped on the 31st October 2023.

The record features our 2023 ICCA set, arranged by then Musical Director Joshua Gray, as well as four of our favourite arrrangements from the last few years.

Inertia Album Cover.png
The Techtonics Inertia Album Cover. Groundbreaking British A Cappella.
Image by MagicPattern
The Techtonics Chainsmoking Album Cover. Groundbreaking British A Cappella.



A single for generations 10-12.


This arrangement and solo by Hugh Balyney was simply too good not to record, and was the true marker for this era of the group. The whole project was masterfully put together by our very own Alexander MacLaren, Tom Briggs and Shanil Panara.

The Winning Set

ICCAs 2016

The set that changed everything.

Quick blurb. Pic on right is 30% opacity on a black background.

The Set.jpg
The Techtonics 2016 ICCA set Album Cover. 2016 winning ICCA set. Groundbreaking British A Cappella.
Clockwork Cover.jpg
The Techtonics ClockworkAlbum Cover. Groundbreaking British A Cappella.



Meticulously crafted, this highly anticipated successor to the award-winning album, Groundbreaker, showcases some of the best arrangements and covers from Imperial College London’s all-male a cappella group, The Techtonics. Heartfelt ballads and re-imagined classics are contrasted with electronic pieces and upbeat rock anthems, giving a glimpse into the diverse genres the group embraces.


With each cog in the wheel working together in perfect harmony, Clockwork is a snapshot of the ever-evolving inner workings of The Techtonics.

Image by Artur Aldyrkhanov



Our Debut album.

‘Groundbreaker’ is the group’s debut studio album. It was recorded in the first half of 2012 and released in September 2012, in line with the group’s tour of the USA East Coast. It has received high accolade from the A Cappella world and beyond since release, including being nominated for 3 CARAs, and the final track ‘Earthquake’ has been included on 2 compilation albums; the Voice Collection (a compilation of the best UK A Cappella in 2012), and the ninth edition of the prestigious Sing! compilations: Sing! 9: Supernovem. 

Groundbreaker Cover.jpg
The Techtonics Groundbreaker Album Cover. Groundbreaking British A Cappella.
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