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Gabriel Haddad
Members Past & Present

Gabriel Haddad



2023/24 A Cappella Chair

Voice Part



13, 14, 15, 16


Material Science and Engineering

Committee Roles

Publicity, A Cappella Chair

Throughout the ages, there have been rumours of a man whose voice would be so extraordinary, it will have the power to change the world, and for thousands of years, oracles tried and failed to ascertain the details of his coming, but every spirit that they summoned, every divine vision, would return but one word.


Over the years, the stories reduced to mere legend, until September 2002, when, amongst the chaos in Tufts Medical Centre, Boston, for a brief moment, everyone stood static, in awe, as the perfect cries of a newborn baby echoed down the hallways. It is said that at this moment, his timbre was so pure, that every coma patient in the building suddenly awoke, prompting the event to be forever known as ‘the Miracle of Massachusetts’, and we look on in wonder, to see what ground-breaking work Gabriel will go on to do.

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