‘Groundbreaker’ is the group’s debut studio album. It was recorded in the first half of 2012 and released in September 2012, in line with the group’s tour of the USA East Coast. It has received high accolade from the A Cappella world and beyond since release, including being nominated for 3 CARAs, and the final track ‘Earthquake’ has been included on 2 compilation albums; the Voice Collection (a compilation of the best UK A Cappella in 2012), and the ninth edition of the prestigious Sing! compilations: Sing! 9: Supernovem.The album is available on iTunes, or hard copies may be purchased from the Imperial College Union website!

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RARB: Nick Anderson-Frey:

“Groundbreaker is a strong debut album, one of the best in recent memory … With a strong set list and total commitment, there’s no telling what these talented gentlemen could achieve.”

Rebecca Christie:

“Utterly charming … a tight set of good singing, fun songs, and a love of the beat.” On ‘Earthquake’: “Parts of this record reminded me of Code Red with a bit of the polish replaced with a bit more heart.” On ‘Domino’: “David Verhoeven sings the hell out of it, soaring like a young Michael Jackson … The song is tons of fun and deserves a wider circulation.”

Jonathan Minkoff:

“The upbeat and dance-ready No Tomorrow, Domino, and Earthquake are just ebullient; easy on the ears and nearly daring listeners not to dance.” “David Verhoeven is the standout pop-tastic soloist whose spectacular tenor easily raises quite a few scores”

Tracklist and Credits:

1. Big Opener

Originally performed by Daft Punk (‘Overture’ from ‘Tron: Legacy’)

Arrangement: James Hayward

V/O: Max Hunter

Mix: James Cannon (Vocalsource/the Panic Room LLC)

2. No Tomorrow

Originally performed by ‘Orson’

Arrangement: Edward Brightman

Solo: David Verhoeven

Mix: James Cannon (Vocalsource/the Panic Room LLC)

3. House of the Rising SunTraditional, based on the version by ‘The Animals’

Arrangement: Zain Khawaja

Solo: Christopher Witham

Mix: Danny Ozment (Emerald City Productions)

4. DominoOriginally performed by ‘Jessie J’

Arrangement: James Hayward

Solo: David Verhoeven

Mix: James Cannon (Vocalsource/the Panic Room LLC)

5. Who Knows Who CaresOriginally performed by ‘Local Natives’

Arrangement: David Verhoeven

Solos: Peter Scott, James Hayward

Mix: Bill Hare (Bill Hare Productions)

6. Dreadlock HolidayOriginally performed by ’10cc’

Arrangement: Zain Khawaja, Joe Illingworth, Ayman Osman

Solo: Zain Khawaja

Mix: Danny Ozment (Emerald City Productions)

7. Sunday Bloody SundayOriginally performed by ‘U2’

Arrangement: James Hayward

Solo: David Maguire, David Verhoeven

Mix: Danny Ozment (Emerald City Productions)

8. EarthquakeOriginally performed by ‘Labrinth feat. Tinie Tempah’

Arrangement: James Hayward

Solo: Michael Ronan, Chandra Kaza, James Hayward

Additional Edit: Alexander Koutzoukis (Plaid Productions)

Mix: James Cannon (Vocalsource/the Panic Room LLC)


Entire album recorded and edited at Imperial College London and Dibdin Studios by Matt Chinery (

Mastered by Dave Sperandio of Vocal Mastering.