DAY ONE – (Sittin’ on) The Blog of the Bay

DAY ONE – (Sittin’ on) The Blog of the Bay

There once was a man called James Hay

Who went on a flight to LA*

But then at baggage claim

Didn’t look for his name

And he carried the wrong bag away.

*San Fransisco doesn’t rhyme with ‘Hay’

After hauling luggage, cameras, flight-cases and our over-whelming excitement across London to Heathrow, The Techtonics California Tour 2014 was finally underway. Food, last minute duty-free purchases and final security checks in the company of none other than Stephen Fry were in order before the group embarked on the 10.5 hour flight to San Fransisco.

With the all inclusive food and beverages flowing we were content and ready to enjoy our inflight entertainment. The classic film choices touching the emotional core of Ehsaan, whilst James Hay provided some more classic forms of entertainment including Gameboys, swanee whistles and ball-in-a-cup.

Luckily James was carrying these essential pieces of tour equipment in his hand luggage, as upon arrival in San Fran, a case of mistaken bag-identity left James without his hold luggage.

And so begins what will hopefully prove to be a great tour – a classic Techtonics tour.


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