Two Years Is Too Long

Our final morning in Boston could only be spent one way – a big American breakfast with eggs in every style and bottomless cups of coffee, accompanied by Distilled Harmony. It was time to leave Boston and make our way towards New Haven. Unfortunately the matte black car had developed a fault with its air-conditioning, which is a tour-stopping issue when you have 14 Techtonics in two cars. So whilst the majority of the group took a tour of the Samuel Adams brewery (thanks to Steve for the perks!) a final trip to Boston International Airport saw the matte black car become the white car.

Having finally arrived in New Haven and Yale University, we met up with out hosts and good friends, Yale’s Out Of The Blue. Exchanging performances and a true American frat party didn’t satisfy some of the group’s social appetites and so they moved onto one of Yale’s fames naked parties at a secret location. It was agreed by all that once every two years was not often enough for these two groups to join forces.

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