California Tour 2014

After whetting their american appetites on the east coast,TT Logo America in 2014 The Techtonics visited California!

For just over 2 weeks, from September 8th, the full strength of our group flew out to San Francisco, and toured up and down the sunset coast of the USA. We covered as much of the state as possible, spending a couple of days at each location to absorb the sights and sounds.

We started by singing on the hills of San Francisco and charming on the piers in Monterey, before wowing the crowds in Los Angeles and busking down on the beaches in San Diego. It was two action packed weeks filled with a sun-soaked set of Techtonics classics, modern mixes and even some American-inspired new arrangements (check out our video page for a sneak peek).

It was an incredible experience and we met some awesome people. Thank you to everyone who helped make it possible! We look forward to heading back out to California in the future.

There’s no place we’d rather be.