Reservoir Blogs: Episode IV: (In Need Of) A New Joke

Tuesday 10th

A 5am start this morning woke us up with a jolt, though Zain, Ayman and Conrad were still feeling the effects of the Ursinus gig after-party, lying in a deep, profound sleep, and so were almost left behind. Finally after all 14 groggy members of the group had finally made it to the cars we set off on the 3h drive to Rockville to sing at the Richard Montgomery High School. I hit the steering wheel of Jerome (our silver 7 seat Chrysler) with Maggie as the navigator while all the rest of the guys in the back passed out within 5 minutes of setting off.

Once we arrived Max (our beat-boxing sound engineer) jumped into action sorting out our mic setup in a jiffy. The other car arrived slightly after us but all in enough time. The Richard Montgomery Auditorium had a fantastic stage and singing in such an arena was unbelievable! Massive thanks to Ron Frezzo for helping us arrange this and to the students who responded so well to our concert.

We then held a workshop in Ron’s classroom for some of the chorus students and were also honoured to have some of the students perform to us in a master class style.

A lazy afternoon in the Rockville Starbucks followed our goodbyes at the Richard Montgomery High School and was a well-needed break for most of us. However the Rockville car pack ended up being a place of desperate worry for one particular member of the group who decided that the parking bay was the best place to leave his bag, containing Ryan’s computer with his entire PhD on it! So a quick nip back to Rockville was necessary with a very anxious offender and a close to mad-eyed driver.

Meanwhile, the rest of the TT’s met up with the Vibes, a group we had never met before. However, we soon realised that this ‘new’ group were dancing on the same street as us during a joint busking session when the Vibes performed a touchy song with a bad feel also in our own repertoire. The crowd liked us both so much that one fella decided to leave us a 6 pack of beer instead of a dime or two! This was to be the theme for the rest of the evening as we subsequently ate a chipotle and then enjoyed a frivolous evening with the Vibes until the early hours.


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