Practice Makes Perfect

The first of many inevitable Dunkin’ Donuts breakfasts and a little shopping trip to find some black shirts two unequipped members of the group were the first duties of duties of the cars and our first sites of Boston.

An afternoon of rehearsal at Green Street Studios intended to whip the group into shape, led by Musical Director Alex, had everyone sounding and looking good. The Techtonics’ first real rehearsal in a mirrored dance studio ¬†was not wasted with choreography being tightened and our sound refined. The ominous “weave” from ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ was top of the list for perfecting and so was practiced and practiced facing and away from the mirror every 15 minutes.

Onto the evening and our first gig of tour with the very talented Distilled Harmony and Unisons, to whom we were very grateful for having us at their event. Also to the very responsive audience of Northeastern University whose reaction to the end of our opening number, ‘Bicycle’ by Queen, made a long day rehearsals worth it.

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