We Did It!

kickstarter-logo-k-color Thanks to all of our wonderful fans, we successfully ran a Kickstarter campaign for our new album, Clockwork in February 2015.However, all is not lost Рyou can still pre-order the album along with many other awesome awards! In order to get your hands on such items, please head over to our store by following the link below:

Pre-Order Here

Alternatively, if you’re trying to redeem a reward, please click here

A bit more information about Clockwork… After our successful debut album, Groundbreaker, we thought it was best to strip things right back and make things much less electronic. The tracklist will be:

Random Access Memories
Let Her Go
DJ Fresh
Best Of You
She’s Always a Woman
I Believe in a Thing Called Love (ft. Matt Mulholland)
Grapevine Fires
Ain’t No Sunshine