DAY TWO: Who Let the Blogs Out?

There once was a guy called Theo

Who put on a bit of a show

Did a flip in the pool

Which looked really cool

And then sent everyone else there a Yo!

Theo’s morning yos woke us all up sharply today. After chilling with Decadence the previous evening, we were all well rested and surprisingly not particularly jetlagged.                 

We headed down to Santa Rosa for some bagels and diner food before heading to our first gig of tour at the Sonoma Academy. The performance went really well, with some cutting-edge overtone singing and falsettos that pierced the air, although the breakdown of DJ Fresh could’ve done with more cyntheo. The workshop that followed proved popular with the students and was great fun.

Afterwards, we all went back to Kerri’s house where we enjoyed the pool and the amazing California sun with the occasional back flip silhouetted against it. We had an amazing time and are really grateful for Kerri’s hospitality.  

In the evening we headed back to Berkeley and enjoyed a great night with Decadence.

Stay sharp, Blade out.


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