Day 9: Manhattan‚ Brooklyn – Syracuse

When deciding what time to stay up until, it is a good idea to factor in the time you must awaken the following morning. Some members of the Techtonics failed to do this, leading to dreary eyes and a short jog through Lower Manhattan after getting up for the 7.00am meet time at Leman. Once all belongings and singers had been crammed into the cars the drive to Brooklyn, and Poly Prep School, began.

Having soon parked up in the beautiful grounds of the school, we made our way through the campus to our green room, where we found a wonderful, and much needed, breakfast laid out for us. Our first concert was a short set for the High School. In the audience were the school’s own recently founded a cappella group, and judging by the reception we were given, appetite for the genre at the school is huge. We had loads of fun performing for students who were dancing along to Earthquake, and who mobbed us for photographs after the show. The students were keen to find out more about the group (some a little too keen) and had many questions for us. Hopefully they weren’t all late for their classes! We also performed in a separate theatre venue for their middle school students, which was also well received and very enjoyable.

We then had an early lunch in the school dinner hall. The layout was a surreal experience for those members of the group that remembered school dinners from their younger days. Not many schools have a soup de jour or chocolate milk on tap. This also gave us a chance to meet a lot of the high school students properly following the gig, including impromptu dub-appella demonstrations and overall a very good time.

Thus began the long drive to Syracuse, where at short notice we were to have a performance and be put up by members of the a cappella community there. Half of group having arrived early, we made our way to Varsity, a diner where we were to meet the rest of the Techtonics. Well fed and much wetter after a sudden downpour, we returned to Main Squeeze’s Abby’s house to prepare for singing. The location of the gig turned out to be the attic of the house, but with party lighting and a bar this was no ordinary attic. It was in fact one of a long list of incredible performance venues (of all types) that we experienced during the tour. We were lucky enough to ‚Äòheadline‚Äô the event, singing 2 mini-sets of 3, and also sharing the stage with 4 other a cappella groups from Syracuse.

Following the concert, the venue transformed immediately into the ultimate house party setting. As such, the Techtonics were happy to oblige, and spent the night making new friends, singing, drinking, being denied new friends, and teaching the students of Syracuse University to have a good time. Eventually the group parted to get a good night’s sleep before the following day.


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