Day 8: Leman School, NYC

Lazy beams of dawn sunlight danced through the panoramic windows of the thirtieth storey penthouse, awakening me from a deep slumber. The sizzling scent of frying eggs welcomingly put an end to my weariness and brought me through the corridors adorned with plush carpets and into the dining room. It was here that I was pleasantly presented with a plate by a grinning Jack of six years who informed me with pride that he cracked and fried the eggs himself, with no help from his mother Minky or his older brother James. This provided me with the necessary energy to push through the demanding day that lay ahead. (Sorry, I can’t be bothered to write like this anymore…)

The Techtonics arrived excitedly at Léman Manhattan Preparatory School at nine am to conduct a vocal workshop for middle school students between the ages of eleven and fourteen. The children were tremendously enthusiastic and learned the music quickly. After, the high school students of ages between fourteen and eighteen joined us for a similar workshop. They were also enthusiastic and we experimented with a cappella style changes such as reggae and dubstep. The kids were so much fun and cheerful and some of the brave ones even joined us for lunch in the school cafeteria. Here is a link of the workshop video posted on the school’s website:

After lunch the group had a few hours off to explore lower Manhattan. The first adventure was to make our way to the coast to get a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island, but it was slightly too far away to take a decent photo. There was a street dancing group performing on the way back that we watched with amazement as they flipped and span in an unimaginable manner. They needed a volunteer, so naturally they chose Maggie to front-flip flawlessly over. A video will follow with the footage.

After this feat, some select TTs chatted with some final year students interested in applying to university in the UK. They were very bright and keen to hear about the social and cultural differences between the US and UK. We had a bit of time before sound-check for the concert that night, so we went to the Ground Zero Memorial Site and felt humbled to view the massive fountains in the spaces where the Towers once stood.

The concert was so much fun, the audience of students, parents and teachers was energetic and enthusiastic. It was a great pleasure to sing for them. Post-concert we felt like celebrities as we autographed CDs and took photos. Then we all split up to explore the nightlife of NYC. What an amazing day.

David V

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