Day 3 – Yale to Brown

Having left New Haven, we drove to Providence, Rhode Island for our visit to Brown University.¬† On arrival, we met up with our friends, the Brown Derbies, and house-sat for them whilst they went for a gig. Having hosted them for 2 days in London in January during their UK tour, we had met them before so it was great to see them again.¬†Whilst they were away, the TTs caught up on the sleep they had missed due to the previous night’s excursions.

When the Derbies returned, we accompanied them to watch them sing for freshman in the evening. We were fortunate enough to share the spotlight with the Derbies, joining them for their performance of the George Michael cover Faith, which they taught us in 5 minutes at a prior rehearsal. Additionally,  we caught glimpses of the more obscure end of the a cappella spectrum at Brown and watched some pirate-themed a cappella (arrr-cappella (A), a cappell-arrr (B), or arr-carr-ppell-arrr (C)? Vote option A, B or C, send to Preliminary poll results showed a significantly high desire to ban any more a cappella-related puns in future blogposts). Despite managing to fit 10 TTs under one umbrella, pandemonium ensued when the heavens opened upon us. The joke was on the less appropriately prepared for this type of climate (the select idiots who decided to wear the new TTs standard-issue sleeveless vests (

Still moist, evening antics resumed in a similar fashion to those enjoyed at Yale with another great house party hosted by the Derbies. Notable absentees at the end of the party (3) were welcomed back into the ‘Haus with some mimed renditions of a Lonely Island (ft. Akon) classic. Scavenging any nook and cranny we could find for sleep/shelter, we collapsed, collectively drained by yet another fantastic night.¬† We left the next morning at 10 to drive back to New York and pick Eugene from JFK airport, bidding farewell to our epic hosts, the Derbies. We must thank them for putting us up and we hope that we continue this budding friendship for years to come.


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