Day 2 – NYC to Yale

Day 2 – our first proper day in the US of A! We all woke up bright and early (thank you jet lag and Mike Ronan’s blaring daily UK time alarm) and went down for a ham/sausage/bacon/porkofyourchoice(#muslimsbeware) bagel breakfast. ¬†Suitably creamcheesed, we rounded up the troops and piled into Shirley and Hank (our SUVs) for the first of many sessions on the road. ¬†Shirley turned out to be quite a nice ride and resident DJ Tinie Ronan impressed us with his eclectic music preference and mixing skillz whilst David V limited his inappropriate harmonising to just his whistle register. Hank, meanwhile, suffered multiple near-death experiences delightfully blanketed by new-retro-80s-funk (#Chromeo) but thankfully we all arrived at Yale in one piece!

Under the scorching sun, we started singing outside the Sterling Memorial Library just above a beautiful quad. ¬†Within minutes we had attracted a healthy crowd and met several members from renowned groups Yale Out of the Blue (our generous hosts/minders/mothers), The Duke’s Men, The Spizzwinks(?) and The Whiffenpoofs amongst others. Some CD-selling and socialising ensued and we spent the remainder of the afternoon chilling out and cramming in some much needed rehearsal (TBD).

The entire day also provided us with a fascinating insight into an Ivy Rush week. We attended a “singing dessert” put on by Redhot & Blue for their “rushing” freshmen. This normally exclusive experience was made possible by our amazing Yale SGC hosts. Redhot & Blue showcased not only their electrifying vocals and stunning arrangements, but also the sheer awesomeness that is the Yale A Cappella scene. This uncovered the scale of the gap that British a cappella has to make up, and also how much we will learn from this tour.

The TTs finally let their hair down and aca-partied into the early hours of the morning with some of the other groups. ¬†Now, what goes on tour stays on tour, but imagine a combination of a) impromptu, post-ring-of-fire performances from Out of the Blue and The TTs, b) Ayman two weeks after Ramadan and c) Mike Ronan’s awful aim, amongst other things. ¬†The results were both memorable and forgettable. ¬†Great night.

The next morning, 10 of 11 TTs woke up amidst a sea of sleeping bags and cushions on the living room floor of our most generous host Aviva Musicus, from Out of the Blue. ¬†We must thank her dearly for her outstanding hospitality, for managing to fit almost all of us on the living room floor, and for putting up with our antics. Our stay could not have been possible without her help. Further thanks must be given to Yale SGC and David Lim from Spizzwinks(?). ¬†A great 22 hours in Yale, we feel like we could’ve spent the whole tour there.


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