Day 1: The Journey

As promised, here is the blog as was written live yesterday:

We are officially on tour! At time of writing, we are currently somewhere over the Atlantic ocean en route to JFK. We managed stress-free navigation of Heathrow airport (even without the presence of organisation-machine-Eugene, who joins us on Sunday after attending a wedding in Spain) and enjoyed the “random” yet perfectly racially profiled passenger selection of only Ayman and Zain for thorough searching on boarding. We hope our smooth run continues through US immigration and to our accommodation tonight, and also hope that the fact Zain’s “time until arrival” screen shows an hour later than everyone else’s is mere coincidence rather than omen…

Following a few requests, we’ve realised it is definitely wise to formally publicise our rough itinerary for the next 12 days, so that anyone that wants to knows¬†exactly where to find us and when! (So apologies for how late this is for those around Yale). Here goes nothing:

Tonight: spend night in NYC

Tomorrow: to Yale, arriving approx 2pm, busking on YaleCross campus (in front of Sterling Memorial library), evening with Yale groups

Saturday 8th: to Brown, spend the day and evening with the Derbies

Sunday 9th: on the road to DC via NYC (to meet Eugene)

Monday 10th: School gig in Georgetown, “super-secret surprise activity” (from our subtle tour managers) in Philadelphia that evening, back to DC after

Tuesday 11th: back to NYC to Columbia, to meet, sing and stay with the Clefhangers

Wednesday 12th – Thursday 13th: Leman school workshops, talks and gig in NYC

Friday 14th: school gig in morning, then to Syracuse for gig and evening

Saturday 15th: to Rochester, gig and evening with the Yellowjackets

Sunday 16th-Monday 17th: Rochester and surrounding areas for sightseeing and gigs

Tuesday 18th: return to NYC to leave for London in the evening

Hopefully, despite only being quite rough and with many details missing, this will let you know where we’ll be and when! We’ll be updating¬†twitter and Facebook regularly throughout the tour, as well as hearing from each individual tour member one at a time on this blog (hopefully) every day.


Roughly 10 hours later…

As we pass 24 hours awake, we are now sat downstairs in our hostel for tonight! After a couple of minor hiccups regarding the car hire, we are now back on schedule again. It’s still sinking in that we’ve actually made it; however, ¬†crossing a bridge from Long island on the way to the hostel to see the Manhattan skyline at night and following instructions like “yeah, take the next right down Broadway” amongst other things are really helping! For us, it’s some much needed food/sleep/showers and then we hit the road for Yale in the morning!! So tired, so pumped, so excited.

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