BLOGS OF STEEL: Episode 1: A Phantom Men’s A Cappella Group

Are we all here yet?

So the mixing desk was just too big- in its flight case it weighed 50kg. So that didn’t make it to the states, but I can report that all of the Techtonics now have, and after a whirlwind tour of New York we’ve woken up in New Haven with Yale Out of the Blue.

Hostel Drama

A last minute accommodation crisis meant that had to find a hostel for five people for the night. The following is a reconstruction of a phone call:

“Oo, I don’t know, that’s very last minute…ah, actually here’s something, it’s a hostel right next to where you need to be in the morning. I’ll book you in.”

But here’s the twist: when the unfortunate hosteleers arrived that night, 5th of September, they found that the booking had been made for 5th September 2014. I’ve seen a video of the soul-searching that followed, (tipped to win multiple academy awards, with an all-star cast; out this summer) and I can only say that I’m glad I wasn’t there to witness the horror. Apparently “benches start to look very attractive” when it’s 6.30am UK time. Anyway, a couple of hours of phone calls later they eventually found a holiday inn!

Brearley school gig

We were delighted to be hosted by the Brearley School, Manhattan for a performance to their pupils. As Pete “Noddy” Noden put it: “a good set…a classic set.”

The rest of the morning was spent exploring central park, stopping for a little rehearsal. There then followed a mad dash around New York before heading to the hire cars (why does it take so long to hire a car!)


We have two cars, names to be confirmed. All I can say is that one has a DVD player, and they are both enormous. Particular credit should go to Chris Pellew for managing to avoid crashing into the back of a car that stopped dead, right in front of him on the freeway, just before a turn off. He also gains extra points for the wheelspin when accelerating away: “there were cars coming up behind us man!” We’re confident we can train him to use toll roads by the end of the tour. “yeah, you have to give them money now Pellew…

Stay tuned for more updates (and make sure you check out the all new vlog). Tonight we sing with the Brown Derbies at their famous session “the arches”. Ttfn.

– AM

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