BLOG TO THE FUTURE: Episode 2: Attack of the Close Harmony

Sunday September 8th 2013

Good morning Providence!  What a fabulous way to start the morning, the sun shining, the birds singing in the trees, and a pile of bedraggled Techtonics lying on the floor. Yes, we’re in Brown, home of the Brown Derbies and some of the best parties in the USA. But let me rewind.

Yesterday morning (Saturday 7th) we were leaving New Haven, after the great honour of an impromptu performance from Yale Out of the Blue. Our destination? Providence, the Rhode Island home of Brown University, and more excitingly, the inspiration for Quahog, the residence of Family Guy’s Griffin household.

We arrived at the Derbyhaus at midday and started preparing for our gig; Brown is home to 15 a cappella groups, and it was their annual recruitment event that evening, the “Arch Sings”, where each group took turns to sing a short 15 minute set under the Wayland and Mochamp arches in a bid to get as many freshmen to audition for them as possible. The Techtonics were lucky enough to have the privilege of performing the opening slot, and we then had the even greater privilege of watching all of the other groups sing after us! Highlights include the Higher Keys, Arrrr! (A pirate themed sea shanty singing group), Disney A Capella, and of course, the awesome Brown Derbies. I think it’s safe to say their rendition of “Give me Love” will be stuck in all of our heads for a while to come.

So after heading back to the Derbyhaus for an awesome party with much beer pong and slap cup, we are up and about and ready to head off to Philadelphia.

Stay tuned for Episode 3: Revenge of the Sixth Chord, and our next vlog (currently being put together by Max, should be a goodie).


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