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  • Over The Drop & Under The Arch

    A day out at Six Flags New England made for a very entertaining and fun detour, on route to Providence and Brown University. Keeping The Techtonics entertained during a 45 minute queue leads to the creation of some rather interesting tour games and habits that have led to some very entertaining situations ever since. The #1 steel roller coaster in the world, the Superman Bizarro, did not disappoint and with the sun high in the sky and ice-cream-cookie sandwiches in hand, the group headed for Brown to meet the Brown Derbies who were as hospitable and fun as ever.

    We were lucky enough to attend the Arch Sings event and even perform under the arches at the start of the Derbies’ sets, in front of a very responsive crowd of freshmen.

  • Two Years Is Too Long

    Our final morning in Boston could only be spent one way – a big American breakfast with eggs in every style and bottomless cups of coffee, accompanied by Distilled Harmony. It was time to leave Boston and make our way towards New Haven. Unfortunately the matte black car had developed a fault with its air-conditioning, which is a tour-stopping issue when you have 14 Techtonics in two cars. So whilst the majority of the group took a tour of the Samuel Adams brewery (thanks to Steve for the perks!) a final trip to Boston International Airport saw the matte black car become the white car.

    Having finally arrived in New Haven and Yale University, we met up with out hosts and good friends, Yale’s Out Of The Blue. Exchanging performances and a true American frat party didn’t satisfy some of the group’s social appetites and so they moved onto one of Yale’s fames naked parties at a secret location. It was agreed by all that once every two years was not often enough for these two groups to join forces.

  • Boston, Blinkers & BU

    It was time for The Techtonics to put the tour into tourists with a day in the city of Boston. The Freedom Trail marked out the route for seeing all of the historical sites, including Quincy Market which served up a mean clam chowder.

    Unfortunately the black car had developed a fault with its left blinker resulting in a number of awkward intersection incidents involving limbs flailing from windows in an attempt to alert fellow drivers of our desire to turn left. And so a morning back at the airport later and the black car became the matte black car.

    The weather finally took a turn for the worse with a downpour ensuing into the night, but this didn’t dampen spirits over at Boston University where a hearty mixture of British roast dinners and Chinese food set the group up for an evening of performances and socialising with Terpsichore and the Dear Abbeys.

  • Practice Makes Perfect

    The first of many inevitable Dunkin’ Donuts breakfasts and a little shopping trip to find some black shirts two unequipped members of the group were the first duties of duties of the cars and our first sites of Boston.

    An afternoon of rehearsal at Green Street Studios intended to whip the group into shape, led by Musical Director Alex, had everyone sounding and looking good. The Techtonics’ first real rehearsal in a mirrored dance studio ¬†was not wasted with choreography being tightened and our sound refined. The ominous “weave” from ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ was top of the list for perfecting and so was practiced and practiced facing and away from the mirror every 15 minutes.

    Onto the evening and our first gig of tour with the very talented Distilled Harmony and Unisons, to whom we were very grateful for having us at their event. Also to the very responsive audience of Northeastern University whose reaction to the end of our opening number, ‘Bicycle’ by Queen, made a long day rehearsals worth it.

  • Times Square, Tourists & Trains

    The Techtonics spent the morning trying to cram as much of the NYC experience as possible, into three hours. Bagels for breakfast, selfies in Times Square, lunch in the Grand Central Station food court and a passing glance at the Empire State Building.

    A productive four and a half hour train journey departed – destination: Boston South Station. Not a minute of the onboard wifi was wasted with log editing, song arranging and even dodging conductors to learn choreography in the aisles.

    One suitcase-laden Uber journey later and we had our cars – the road trip could begin. An evening with our new hosts Distilled Harmony followed and did not disappoint.

  • 28 Hours Later

    Following a relaxed lunch, to gather our excitement, we made our way to Heathrow for our flight to JFK, New York. The flight posed many challenges, including dodging potentially coma-inducing food allergies and the heart-string tugging story arcs of ‘Inside Out’.

    A sauna-like experience on the New York underground followed taking its toll on the three different time zones that members of the group were used to. But we eventually arrived to the welcoming tones of Nonsequitur, serenading each other and any passing student around the Columbia University sun dial. Thanks for hosting us guys, and the bagel suggestions!

    A morning in Manhattan and the train to Boston tomorrow.

  • Day Five: I Believe in a Thing Called Blog

    Eugene started his day

    With a long drive down to LA

    We stopped at the beach

    A wave crest he did reach

    And his glasses just floated away.

  • Day Four: I’m A Be-logg-er

    I’ll tell you about Chris Pellew

    Whose driving is quite a ‘to do’

    We all get in a state

    ‘Cause his breaking’s so late

    That we fill our pants with our poo.

  • Day Three: Use SomeBloggy

    When trying to reach Golden Gate

    Henry Harrod did not concentrate

    Missed the exit by miles

    All involved got quite riled

    Now he’s not allowed to navigate.

  • DAY TWO: Who Let the Blogs Out?

    There once was a guy called Theo

    Who put on a bit of a show

    Did a flip in the pool

    Which looked really cool

    And then sent everyone else there a Yo!

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