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  • Day 3 – Yale to Brown

    Having left New Haven, we drove to Providence, Rhode Island for our visit to Brown University.¬† On arrival, we met up with our friends, the Brown Derbies, and house-sat for them whilst they went for a gig. Having hosted them for 2 days in London in January during their UK tour, we had met them before so it was great to see them again.¬†Whilst they were away, the TTs caught up on the sleep they had missed due to the previous night’s excursions.

    When the Derbies returned, we accompanied them to watch them sing for freshman in the evening. We were fortunate enough to share the spotlight with the Derbies, joining them for their performance of the George Michael cover Faith, which they taught us in 5 minutes at a prior rehearsal. Additionally,  we caught glimpses of the more obscure end of the a cappella spectrum at Brown and watched some pirate-themed a cappella (arrr-cappella (A), a cappell-arrr (B), or arr-carr-ppell-arrr (C)? Vote option A, B or C, send to Preliminary poll results showed a significantly high desire to ban any more a cappella-related puns in future blogposts). Despite managing to fit 10 TTs under one umbrella, pandemonium ensued when the heavens opened upon us. The joke was on the less appropriately prepared for this type of climate (the select idiots who decided to wear the new TTs standard-issue sleeveless vests (

    Still moist, evening antics resumed in a similar fashion to those enjoyed at Yale with another great house party hosted by the Derbies. Notable absentees at the end of the party (3) were welcomed back into the ‘Haus with some mimed renditions of a Lonely Island (ft. Akon) classic. Scavenging any nook and cranny we could find for sleep/shelter, we collapsed, collectively drained by yet another fantastic night.¬† We left the next morning at 10 to drive back to New York and pick Eugene from JFK airport, bidding farewell to our epic hosts, the Derbies. We must thank them for putting us up and we hope that we continue this budding friendship for years to come.


  • Day 2 – NYC to Yale

    Day 2 – our first proper day in the US of A! We all woke up bright and early (thank you jet lag and Mike Ronan’s blaring daily UK time alarm) and went down for a ham/sausage/bacon/porkofyourchoice(#muslimsbeware) bagel breakfast. ¬†Suitably creamcheesed, we rounded up the troops and piled into Shirley and Hank (our SUVs) for the first of many sessions on the road. ¬†Shirley turned out to be quite a nice ride and resident DJ Tinie Ronan impressed us with his eclectic music preference and mixing skillz whilst David V limited his inappropriate harmonising to just his whistle register. Hank, meanwhile, suffered multiple near-death experiences delightfully blanketed by new-retro-80s-funk (#Chromeo) but thankfully we all arrived at Yale in one piece!

    Under the scorching sun, we started singing outside the Sterling Memorial Library just above a beautiful quad. ¬†Within minutes we had attracted a healthy crowd and met several members from renowned groups Yale Out of the Blue (our generous hosts/minders/mothers), The Duke’s Men, The Spizzwinks(?) and The Whiffenpoofs amongst others. Some CD-selling and socialising ensued and we spent the remainder of the afternoon chilling out and cramming in some much needed rehearsal (TBD).

    The entire day also provided us with a fascinating insight into an Ivy Rush week. We attended a “singing dessert” put on by Redhot & Blue for their “rushing” freshmen. This normally exclusive experience was made possible by our amazing Yale SGC hosts. Redhot & Blue showcased not only their electrifying vocals and stunning arrangements, but also the sheer awesomeness that is the Yale A Cappella scene. This uncovered the scale of the gap that British a cappella has to make up, and also how much we will learn from this tour.

    The TTs finally let their hair down and aca-partied into the early hours of the morning with some of the other groups. ¬†Now, what goes on tour stays on tour, but imagine a combination of a) impromptu, post-ring-of-fire performances from Out of the Blue and The TTs, b) Ayman two weeks after Ramadan and c) Mike Ronan’s awful aim, amongst other things. ¬†The results were both memorable and forgettable. ¬†Great night.

    The next morning, 10 of 11 TTs woke up amidst a sea of sleeping bags and cushions on the living room floor of our most generous host Aviva Musicus, from Out of the Blue. ¬†We must thank her dearly for her outstanding hospitality, for managing to fit almost all of us on the living room floor, and for putting up with our antics. Our stay could not have been possible without her help. Further thanks must be given to Yale SGC and David Lim from Spizzwinks(?). ¬†A great 22 hours in Yale, we feel like we could’ve spent the whole tour there.


  • Day 1: The Journey

    As promised, here is the blog as was written live yesterday:

    We are officially on tour! At time of writing, we are currently somewhere over the Atlantic ocean en route to JFK. We managed stress-free navigation of Heathrow airport (even without the presence of organisation-machine-Eugene, who joins us on Sunday after attending a wedding in Spain) and enjoyed the “random” yet perfectly racially profiled passenger selection of only Ayman and Zain for thorough searching on boarding. We hope our smooth run continues through US immigration and to our accommodation tonight, and also hope that the fact Zain’s “time until arrival” screen shows an hour later than everyone else’s is mere coincidence rather than omen…

    Following a few requests, we’ve realised it is definitely wise to formally publicise our rough itinerary for the next 12 days, so that anyone that wants to knows¬†exactly where to find us and when! (So apologies for how late this is for those around Yale). Here goes nothing:

    Tonight: spend night in NYC

    Tomorrow: to Yale, arriving approx 2pm, busking on YaleCross campus (in front of Sterling Memorial library), evening with Yale groups

    Saturday 8th: to Brown, spend the day and evening with the Derbies

    Sunday 9th: on the road to DC via NYC (to meet Eugene)

    Monday 10th: School gig in Georgetown, “super-secret surprise activity” (from our subtle tour managers) in Philadelphia that evening, back to DC after

    Tuesday 11th: back to NYC to Columbia, to meet, sing and stay with the Clefhangers

    Wednesday 12th – Thursday 13th: Leman school workshops, talks and gig in NYC

    Friday 14th: school gig in morning, then to Syracuse for gig and evening

    Saturday 15th: to Rochester, gig and evening with the Yellowjackets

    Sunday 16th-Monday 17th: Rochester and surrounding areas for sightseeing and gigs

    Tuesday 18th: return to NYC to leave for London in the evening

    Hopefully, despite only being quite rough and with many details missing, this will let you know where we’ll be and when! We’ll be updating¬†twitter and Facebook regularly throughout the tour, as well as hearing from each individual tour member one at a time on this blog (hopefully) every day.


    Roughly 10 hours later…

    As we pass 24 hours awake, we are now sat downstairs in our hostel for tonight! After a couple of minor hiccups regarding the car hire, we are now back on schedule again. It’s still sinking in that we’ve actually made it; however, ¬†crossing a bridge from Long island on the way to the hostel to see the Manhattan skyline at night and following instructions like “yeah, take the next right down Broadway” amongst other things are really helping! For us, it’s some much needed food/sleep/showers and then we hit the road for Yale in the morning!! So tired, so pumped, so excited.

  • Arrived safely!

    Sat downstairs in our hostel with some much needed food. Been a crazy day- just about hitting 24 hours awake now, but straight to business tomorrow travelling to Yale in the morning! It’s still sinking in that we’ve made it; although the lit up Manhattan skyline did help slightly. First blog post will go up first thing tomorrow morning.

  • USA Tour Begins!

    These two weeks are going to be the busiest of the year for us; 12 days, 2 cars, 1500 miles, 5 states, 8 cities and hundreds of new friends and we are SO excited! We’ll be posting regular updates here on Facebook, in our blog ( and on our brand new Twitter account @TechtonicsIC. To Heathrow, and beyond!!! Peace out. xoxo